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Schloesser Named 2016 Youth Advocate of the Year

By: Michael Chappo, Youth Transition Specialist

The Youth Advocate of the Year award honors a young leader within the eleven county service area of Independence, Inc. The Youth Advocate of the Year is given to an individual who has fought hard to increase community awareness of issues related to disabilities and inspire youth to become future leaders and advocates for the disability community.

This year our Youth Advocate of the Year was Anna Schloesser and we could think of no one better to receive this award. Anna is currently a senior at Des Lacs Burlington School where she recognizes the humanity in everyone. By consistently having a positive, joy filled attitude she demonstrates and models just what an all-inclusive friendship looks like. Anna has a dream of become a teacher and strives to participate in all she can so that her voracious appetite for life can be satisfied.

Anna is a solid and committed member of Independence, Inc.’s youth group, Youth Ambassadors for Disability Awareness. Through her involvement there, she has led the way in youth focused activities such as Family Day at the fair, accessibility surveys and other community building events. Congratulations Anna!

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