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Community Services

Public Speaker
Community Education

Independence, Inc. is committed to enhancing public knowledge of disability-related topics to build inclusive North Dakota communities. Our staff trains and facilitates seminars for government entities, educators, local businesses, transit providers, landlords, nonprofit organizations, elected officials, and first responders in our service region. 

Training topics: 

  • Disability Awareness and Etiquette

  • Public Accommodations

  • Independent Living History and Philosophy

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Community Accessibility

  • Videoconferencing Accessibility

  • Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

  • Service Animals and Therapy Animals

Accessibility Consulting

We believe in making our community a better place to live, work, and play for people with disabilities. Our dynamic team provides accessibility consulting services to businesses, government entities, housing complexes, recreation facilities, and private residences in search of practical modifications and/or solutions in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Act. 

Image by Charles Deluvio
Elementary School Disability Awareness Lessons 

Independence, Inc. offers free, disability awareness lessons to elementary classrooms in our region to help students without disabilities learn more about their peers with disabilities. The program is intended to foster inclusion, reduce bullying, and prevent the development of attitudinal barriers. In just 2 years, our organization has delivered lessons to 772 elementary students in Minot and the surrounding areas. 

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