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Sandra Maintains Her Independence through Nursing Home Prevention Services

I have always been the one to take care of my family. Until one day, I got sick and my legs quit working like they used to. I spent weeks in the hospital trying to get better. When I was finally discharged, I came home but still struggled getting around. Many people told me I would need to go to a nursing home but I refused. That is when my friend recommended I call Independence, Inc. The next week they came out and helped me purchase handrails at Wal-Mart. They installed a riser, grab bars, and bed railing to help me get around the house. If it had not been for Independence, Inc., NDAD and my friend telling me about you guys, I would still be struggling to get out of the bedroom and bathroom. The grab bars have helped improve my ability to move around the house safely and remain living in my own home.

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