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Rod Short: Unleashing Potential with Adaptive Gear

Rod Short came to Independence Inc in the year 2023 with concerns of mobility around his home. With the help of Independent Living Advocate Lauren McClurg, an accessible stair lift was installed in Short’s home to make accessing the second floor more convenient. When asked how big of an impact the new addition would present, Short said, “...It’s a big deal, otherwise I was going to move. I was going to have to get out of here.”

The stairs had presented themselves as a challenge for Short as he would have difficulty climbing them to navigate the top floor of his home. “I cant get up the stairs”,  explained Short. He described how he had to make multiple stops while ascending the stairs because of the pain in his hips and shortness of breath due to his disability. “ It would take me a while because I had to stop three or four times on the way up, because I can’t hardly walk.”

He expressed his delight at the new addition by pointing out how now he uses the assistive stairlift several times a day to enjoy his television set upstairs in his new bedroom. He credits Independence, Inc. with his newfound freedom in his home, and would advise others to reach out if they need assistance. 

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