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Independence, Inc. Unveils New Logo

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Independence, Inc. is proud to announce that as of August 2020, we are officially rebranding! Since 1995, our organization has helped thousands of North Dakotans with disabilities overcome barriers, transition out of institutions and lead independent lives. In 25 years, we have expanded programming and service delivery to 11 counties throughout north central North Dakota and earned the reputation as a statewide leader in independent living.

While our organization experienced tremendous growth, we maintained our early visual identity and made subtle adjustments to the color scheme in an attempt to contemporize the brand. However, as our agency began preparing for the future, we realized our visual identity would need to undergo a serious facelift to push us into the modern era.

In late April, we began the process of transforming our brand. Independence, Inc. yearned for a unique logo design and vibrant color palette that accurately conveyed our mission. After months of reviewing and refining dozens of logo submissions, we finally discovered the winning concept, a waving flag and turquoise color palette. The bold design and striking color selection embodied every element of our mission statement and effectively communicated our vision for people with disabilities. The waving flag signifies freedom, strength, inclusion, and pride. While the colors represent self-sufficiency, compassion, confidence, security, creativity, power and new beginnings. The symbolism behind the design illustrates our unwavering commitment to empowering North Dakotans with disabilities to achieve their dreams.

Over the next few months, Independence, Inc. will begin phasing out our old logo and color scheme. Everything from our brochures to the website will be updated with our new visual identity.

For more information about the rebrand, please contact our office at 701-839-4724.

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