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Independence, Inc. Responds to Olmstead Settlement Agreement

Today’s news of the Olmstead Settlement Agreement between the Department of Justice and the State of North Dakota is a big step in the right direction for North Dakotans with disabilities and seniors. People with disabilities are happier, healthier, and live longer when they are able to live independently in the community.

Thirty years ago, this right was guaranteed by the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, twenty years ago, that right was affirmed by the Supreme Court in the Olmstead Decision, and today, with this settlement, the State of North Dakota will begin a substantial shift towards ensuring people finally have a guaranteed right to choose where they live.

At Independence, Inc., we are dedicated to removing barriers to community-based living, and empowering people with disabilities to live in the communities of their choice. We look forward to partnering with the state and other providers to see the promise of this settlement positively affect the lives of North Dakotans.

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