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Our Vote Matters: Edward Montez

At Independence, Inc. we work very hard to increase the all types of community participation and civic engagement by people with disabilities. In order to do that, we have reached out to each of the candidates for Mayor and City Council in Minot and asked them a very simple question.

Our next response is from Edward Montez. According to his KMOT election bio, Edward Montez looks to make a name for himself in the Minot political scene and make a difference in the Minot community. Montez is no stranger to elections—he launched a campaign for city council last year. Montez has said he wants to work to tackle the growing addiction problem. He works as a store manager for Enerbase.

1) If you are elected, how will you work to make Minot a more accessible community for people with all types disabilities?

"I would like to promote more engagement with all members of the community. I know it's important for many of those with disabilities to feel a sense of belonging with others, I would like the city to promote more events for community engagement that would be open to all. Also I know that public transportation could use a major overhaul as many of our disabled citizens rely on it to meet their day to day functions. As far as the other needs of those with disabilities I would like to hear from someone with knowledge in that area such as yourself. What would you like to see the city accomplish or believe the city could do better? I'm running to not only lead but listen to the constituents, to understand and try to meet their needs."

If you would like to let Mr. Montez know more about the issues facing people with disabilities in Minot, you can contact him through his Facebook page here.

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