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EMPOWER Care Act (H.R.) 5306 Fact Sheet

The EMPOWER Care Act (H.R. 5306) sponsored by Congressman Guthrie (R-KY) aims to improve and reinstate funding for The Money Follows the Person (MFP) demonstration program. The MFP program was established in 2005 under Section 6071 of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) authorized by President George W. Bush. MFP is designed to help transition seniors and people with disabilities out of institutions and back into the community as well as assist states in rebalancing long-term care costs.

Money Follows the Person (MFP) enhances the opportunity for North Dakota Seniors and People with Disabilities to live independently.

Since the program’s inception, MFP has helped over 400 North Dakota seniors and individuals with disabilities transition out of a nursing home and back into the community.

Program Benefits

According to the 2017 MFP Rebalancing Demonstration Report to Congress, strong statistical evidence indicates significant cost-savings, increased quality of life and reduced likelihood of being readmitted to institutional care in their findings.

The report indicates average monthly expenditures, per beneficiary declined by approximately $1,840 (20%) equating to a mean cost-savings of $22,080 following the first transition year.

National data reveals an increased level of satisfaction and quality of life across all seven domains (overall life satisfaction, depressive symptoms, satisfaction with care, unmet need for personal care, respect and dignity, satisfaction with living arrangements, and community integration) measured and are often sustained two years post-transition.

  • Participants reported feeling the most satisfied with their living arrangements and an increased level of community integration.

  • Statistical evidence reveals the personal care needs of most participants were met at a similar or higher level than institutionalized care.

  • Lower rates of depressive symptoms were reported.

  • Respect and dignity increased to 92.4% two years after transition.

Quality of care indicators suggest MFP participants are less likely to be readmitted to institutional care during the first year after the transition.

Independence, Inc. and Money Follows the Person

Independence, Inc., Center for Independent Living provides program participants with a Transition Coordinator to create a personalized transition plan and arrange support services necessary for success. Following the transition, participants will receive 365 days of services to assist with basic needs and remain independent following the first year.

For more information, please contact Independence, Inc. Executive Director, Scott Burlingame at 701-839-4724.

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