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Removing Barriers,

Achieving Dreams

At Independence, Inc. we believe that every person with a disability deserves to make their independent living dreams a reality.  

How we help

We provide individuals with the training, life skills, tools, and resources needed to overcome barriers and achieve dreams.


Photo of a nursing home transition consumer in a wheelchair next to her mother.

“Getting Amanda home was everything for Amanda. I can't even imagine if she was still in the nursing home. I don't think she'd be making the progress or have the hope that she had. She's doing amazing. That was everything to get her home and if it hadn't been for them [Independence, Inc.] helping us, I don't know if it would have happened."

- Nursing Home Transition Consumer's Mother

“The services offered by this organization have been off the charts."

- Darrell Wahl

Head shot of a white man smiling. The man appears to be over the age of 60, has grey hair and a mustache. He is wearing a white collared dress shirt with a brown and beige plaid pattern

Make a difference

Empower North Dakotans with

disabilities to achieve their independent living goals. 

Photo of Disability Advocate
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