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Available Positions

Independent Living Advocate-Institutional Transition And Diversion

Description of Position:

The purpose of Independent Living Advocate, ADRL Transition Coordinator is to increase transitions from provider operated group facilities (Group Living Location) to a home and community-based settings. This person will assist individuals with disabilities in direct threat of institutionalization to remain in the community. This could include assistance to move back to the community, with a move to a more appropriate community-based settings from a substandard living situation or to a home that meets newly developed accessibility needs, or from a living situation that poses an imminent safety risk verified by the transition provider. These services are meant to be flexible and utilized by Transition and Diversion teams to address unexpected needs that arise in the move to a less restrictive setting.

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Peer Support Specialist

Description of Position:

To improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities by providing support, advocacy, coaching, mentoring and shared experiences to help live independently within the community. This person will provide Peer Support as part of the Free through Recovery, Community Connect, and Independent Living programs.

Job Responsibilities:

· Shares personal experiences and develops peer to peer relationships.

  • Empower individuals to take leadership in their own lives and within the community in which they live.

· Assist individuals to set goals, develop strategies and make progress on the goals they have chosen that will improve their ability to live independently.

  • Build positive working relationships all staff in order to identify and facilitate consumers who will participate in activities of Independence, Inc.

  • Develop and facilitate group mentoring and advocacy groups.

· Attend trainings and professional development opportunities as scheduled.

· Responds to requests for information and phone calls in a timely fashion.

· Notifies supervising staff immediately in the event of a participant crisis or any behavior constituting in an incident. Follows established protocols for responding to a crisis situation.

· Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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Independent Living Advocate

(Bottineau Office)

Description of Position:

This job requires you to work well independently and be able to learn complicated tasks quickly. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to communicate well with people from various social and ethnic backgrounds both verbally and in writing. Must be people-oriented and be able to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations.

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