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Blowers Blasts Through Barriers

“I’ve lived in Minot most of my life and I guess I’ve had some hiccups along the way,” said Tim Blowers. “I kind of fell off the deep end a little bit. That’s how I ended up at Independence, Inc.”, explained Blowers.

Blowers came to Independence, Inc. earlier this year looking for a fresh start after being released from the hospital. He described how medical barriers held him back from living independently, “I had some health concerns. I had some barriers that I had to work through so I worked through those barriers and I take medication for it and it helps.”

Independent Living Specialist Lauren Jeffers was able to help him with his next step, finding employment. Blowers recounted their visit, “ they helped with the résumé, we talked about budgeting a little bit, we applied for some jobs on Indeed, and some jobs online.”

Eventually, his hard work paid off, and Blowers found a job. He credits Independence, Inc. for his new position and encourages others to reach out if they need assistance.

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